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How Do Mushrooms Affect Our Health? Health Benefits

Autumn, an ideal time to look for mushrooms. If you are a passionate mushroom picker, you have certainly visited the forest during the summer, especially in connection with this delicacy. During this period, you can find other types of mushrooms that...
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Aromatherapy Massage - Benefits, Techniques & Safety Tips

IN ESSENCE... Massage skillfully uses hands to manipulate soft tissue to relieve muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation, benefitting the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, immune, and muscular systems.  Skin is able to absorb the oil even better when the rate of...
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Fragrances - What You Need To Know

At Youth Principles, we are undoubtedly “fragrance people”, but to earn that title, we know we need to stay on the pulse and know everything that’s going on in the fragrance world - attending conferences, talking to our colleagues around...
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Advanced Vitamin C Serum

The popularity of vitamin C serum has been on the rise in 2021. It has become an essential step in the skin care routine of millions of people all across the globe. Youth Principles is the best serum according to...
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